The White Castle

The White Castle

Tiara blinking under the light

Showing off the pretty sight

Princess waiting in the corridor

Thinking of her charming prince

Out of the chamber came a knight

Dressed from head to toe in purest white

With the shining armor on and sword held tight

He raised his helmet, smiling bright

He is ready

The knight proclaimed

Out rode her prince on four legs

And an invisible crown on his head

She took the horse by the reins

Leading her prince over luscious greens

Pale he was, weak he felt

But managed his princess a charming smile

Outside the castle, a hundred guests

From the King to knights and friends of friends

And a priest of course stood up front

Dressed in robes of shining white

They took their vows and exchanged rings

Then a few words and the sweetest kiss

A round of applause shook the air

As the princess led her prince away

The sky painted in streaks of orange

As the princess stopped to kiss his face

Long and gentle was the kiss

But her face fell as she felt no heat

The sun dipped beneath the horizon

His pale lips whispered gently

I love you my dearest princess

And his beautiful eyes rested finally

(207 words)


Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Trick or treat!

Time to party!

Are you coming, she asked curiously

No, her BFF replied shortly


Walking alone in the dark

The devil swung her purse high up

Out fell keys and a few pennies

But, oh, where were her cards?


She headed back to the dorm

Click, the door came unlocked

Lights were off with deep snoring sound

Oh, her roommate’s dreaming out loud


So she crossed the room in the dark

To the table and took her cards

Then silently she tiptoed out


Partied late and a little drunk

Her friends drove her back around one

Alas, lights galore, outside the dorm

But of red and blue, what’s going on?


Your friend was murdered she was told

The couch was bloodied her friend was cold

But, oh, who did it, they did not know

Just gave her a number and left her alone


An hour of crying

An hour’s bath

Quietly she mourned an epitaph


Then she felt the murderer talking to her

Whispering sweetly into her ears

Shaking it off she went to get dressed

Opening the closet, a bloodied mirror talked back


Don’t you feel lucky you first left home

Yet you turned back brave and alone

And of course, you could’ve made the room shine so bright

But aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?


(223 words)

The Menacing Sea and Dark Curtains

A prose turned poem, written solely by Auby

The Menacing Sea (Prose)

Those days seemed to far away. It was like the storm had just passed but had barely blown itself out. The seas were still choppy, the dark skies cloudy. The little girl clung onto the little piece of wood, tired out from screaming for help. She knew not what lies beneath her. She was scared, worried, uncertain what might happen to her. Occasionally, something huge would knock into her and she would scream with fright. But no one came. She was floating there all alone. She knew she could swim, but she had no where to go. All she could do right now, was to cling on to a wee bit of hope.

Auby, 17 October 2008

The Menacing Sea (Poem)

Those days seemed too far away
Like the storm had just passed
The seas were choppy
The dark skies cloudy

She clung onto the little piece of wood
Tired,  from screaming for help
What lies beneath her, she did not know
Scared, worried and uncertain

Something huge knocked into her
Pain, fear, tears overwhelmed her
She screamed
Still, no one came

There she was
Floating on the piece of wood
All alone
With no one to help her

She could swim
But where would she go?
Resigned, there was nothing to do but wait
And to cling onto a wee bit of hope

Auby, 17 October 2010

This was written when I was all worried and sad. Somehow, my sad poems are my most abstract poems. Ain’t I a sad person?

Dark Curtains (edited)


At the window, she sat
Devastated and scared, she feels
The rain, patter on the panes
Her hands, play with the dark curtains

The bar, collapsed on her
Unbearable, the pain and suffocation she feels
Replaced, a new bar that was different
Dark curtains, it hung up, blinding her

Nothing, she could see outside
At ease, they made her feel
Warmth, they could give her
Suffocation, however, the dark curtains were clinging hard onto her

A hand reached up, pulled them away
Oh, whose was it, for it wasn’t hers
The dark curtains cringed from her, momentarily defeated
Bright lights seared into the room

Close your eyes, listen, she was told
She did, but grabbed the dark curtains for comfort
They soothed her angrily
They quivered, longing to get back to her

She heard sounds of laughter, children
She imagined flowers, fragrant
But the dark curtains struggled to shield her

His hand took hers
Lead her away from those dark curtains
Come with me, he told her
In it, she found something better to protect her

Her hands stretched, tugged at those dark curtains
They fell into a heap, utterly defeated
She smiled at her triumph, lights celebrating with her
She doesn’t need them anymore, thoughts singing with pride

Bravery and
In the world of reality
Given, was love to her
He was the one she truly needed
To let her believe in her happily ever after

(243 words)

Dark Curtains

Dark Curtains

Headlines splashed across papers
And she spent a week at home
She had no idea who they were
But felt more at ease with the dark curtains around her

Notes were sent to her
Comfort and encouragement
She had no idea who they were
But still felt better with the dark curtains around her

She was discharged months later
And he asked if she would go out with him
She had no idea where they were going
But she had never felt better, staying in a room with dark curtains around her

She needed a wheelchair to get around
And him to push her around
She had no idea where he was taking her
But she wished he’d let her stay, in the room with the dark curtains around her

They arrived at a place
Quiet and tranquil
He asked her to close her eyes
And imagine those dark curtains around her

He moved off, neither talking nor stopping
He asked her to listen, never speaking
She opened her ears, never moving
And there she heard, within those dark curtains, the laughter and bliss

What are you thinking about, he asked
Happy children, green pastures and butterflies, she said
Open your eyes, he suggested cheerfully
And there she saw, sunlight and children, drawing the dark curtains open for her

The world isn’t bad at all, he said patiently
Just how those people made it out to be
You’ve seen, and it’s not far from what you imagined it could be
Your dark curtains blind you from light, and of course, me

Fresh air, laughter
Sunlight, flowers
It was the first time in weeks
She had spent time outside her dark curtains

I understand now, she told him
And he planted a kiss on her cheek
His face broke into a smile
A smile the dark curtains hid from her for weeks

But now she could recognize him
The one whom loved her so dearly
She had closed the dark curtains around her
And now she had emerged from it, perfect and whole

She knew now
The dark curtains did not protect her from evil
It hid the world she once knew
Drawn by those who took everything away from her

He was the one who painted the dark curtains with colors
The one who lit up the world around her
With him the world falls into place
And he would be there whenever she needed somebody

Be it good or bad
Righteous or evil
In the world of reality
Given, was love to her
Him, was the one she loved
To let her believe in her happily ever after

This poem is written from an extract of the story I wrote over the holidays. It’s my favorite extract from the long story. It’s titled “When I First Saw You” and it’s still undergoing editing. Below, however, is the edited version of the extract. 🙂

Excerpt from ‘When I First Saw You’

Kene spent a week at home with Zack, whose parents dropped by to visit her during one of the days. They had been really understanding by letting Zack stay by her. She could not tell them how much it meant to her.

“Silly girl,” said his mother. “We all wish that you get well soon. The whole world is praying for you.”

True enough, people had left notes at the lobby, wishing her a speedy recovery and encouraging her on. She had no idea how they knew where she lived, but she was encouraged all the same. Sometimes, she saw headlines splashed across papers that were sent to her doorstep. “RAPISTS TO GET BACK AT SCHOOL MATE”, “UNSCRUPULOUS REVENGE”…

But MJ had not pleaded guilty. The only trip Kene made out of the house was to the police headquarters, Sunday after she was discharged. They had asked her to identify who the rapists had been, which she managed too, from their built and their eyes. She was glad that Zack was with her throughout; it made the trip down the cold corridors of the police headquarters a lot happier. The gloomy corridor did not help lift her spirits one bit.

“I’m glad you came with me, sweetie,” Kene told him. She turned round to look into his eyes. He gave her a small smile.

“Of course I’d come with you, how…” But his voice trailed off as he stared straight ahead.

Whirling back around, she saw MJ together with a man whom she did not know. He stared right into her eyes and goosebumps erupted on her skin. Perhaps Zack felt creeped out too, for he wheeled her away before anyone could say a word.

“It wasn’t me, believe me!” Kene could hear MJ calling after them. She turned round to look at her.

“Don’t look,” Zack told her stiffly, and Kene saw MJ’s face fall as she turned back to face the front. She thought she would never forget the hurt look MJ had on her face.

A month after hiding within the four walls of her home, Zack asked if she wanted to head out for some fresh air. Kene only agreed reluctantly, feeling more at ease with the dark curtains around her and only Zack by her side. Her leg was still in the cast and she needed the wheelchair to get around. Zack’s father said they could be removed in three days’ time, although she was not to exert too much pressure on her legs for the time being.

“Where are we going?” Kene asked when Zack pushed her into her room.

“You’ll see. Get dressed,” he said, smiling lightly as he swung the door shut.

When she was ready, he wheeled her downstairs where a cab was already waiting. The driver did not need the location but drove off almost immediately. They arrived at a place which seemed quiet and tranquil, the sun was shining brightly and a slight wind rustling the leaves. Kene could smell the fresh air once she got out of the cab. The black words on the grey stone pillar read “Marina Barrage”.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered as he gripped the handles on her wheelchair.

She did and Zack moved off. For ten minutes, he did not talk nor stop. She could hear water in the distance, children’s laughter growing louder and louder, people shouting, people running around… Everything seemed happy. Kene could imagine a field filled with happy children, playing catching, catching butterflies and running around, happy and carefree. She smiled at the thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Zack asked as he pulled to a stop.

“Happy children, green pastures and butterflies,” Kene said, smiling again.

“Open your eyes,” Zack told her.

When she did, she saw that there were green pastures, nothing too far off from the field she had in mind, just that they seemed to be on a spiraling platform. There were children running around, though they were not catching butterflies. The sky was blue, dotted with kites. Parents were teaching their children how to fly kites, while some of them simply sat on the grass, having picnic. Kene closed her eyes once more and took a deep breath, inhaling more fresh air, listening to more laughter and smiling to herself.

Zack knelt down next to her. “Kene, the world isn’t bad at all. You’ve seen this. It’s not far from what you imagined on your way up here. There’s still plenty of good out there. They aren’t bothered with you or your past. They’re contented, not giving a damn about the tabloids out there. In fact, I’m sure they gave their sympathies and well-wishes too, like those notes left in the lobby.”

Kene thought Zack had a point. For the first time in what seemed like decades, Kene was out in the fresh air, breathing and relaxing, not at all anxious, afraid or nervous. Smiling at him, this time sincerely happy and peaceful, she nodded.

“I get your point Zack. I understand,” she told him softly, her hands touching his face.

He kissed her fingers one by one when she traced his lips.

“Thanks so much Zack. I love you.”

She meant every word of it as she stared into his eyes, and he could feel it too, for his face broke into the first true smile she had seen in days, the smile which she recognized and caught her eye, the smile which she took away from him when she cooped herself up at home, not daring to go out. Now she had returned it back to him, perfect and whole. What was more, she knew what was waiting out there was no longer something fearful. The whole world simply fell into place, with Zack as the finishing touches of the painting, the one that lit up the world she thought she had lost.

Remember, the Hurricanes

These are two poems written for my assignment 2 of my Creative Writing Course. But they do not come just for that academic purpose. For years since I left my passion, I’ve been missing the feeling of competition of fighting alongside my dearest team: Hurricanes. For that, I sincerely present and dedicate these two poems to them, each of their names put in with my most sincere affection and pride. 🙂 Cheers, and enjoy (Don’t forget to leave comments, of course!) 🙂

Remember, The Hurricanes (Draft 1)

I am in the middle of a crowd
Holding a ball and listening to various sounds
A trickle of sweat slid down my face
As I clutch the ball tight, showing aggression within grace

The sun is shining down on us
A peaceful afternoon it is to bring triumph for us
We could be in school studying for a test
Or even walking along Orchard Road free of worries and stress

But no, there we are in the middle of greenery
A diamond drawn out in white and we scattered neatly over it
Wiping sweat and praying we are
For we are drawn with our fierce opponents
The last chance to score and the inning is over

But miracle did not come
And we trudge off the field, disappointed as one
There is no clear winner in this round
And the tie-breaker is just about to start

I want the game to end desperately
But I can’t see that triumph within me
All I can think of is how stressful I will be
And that does not help the already nervous me

I close my eyes as my team got ready to bat
Aggressive we sound, but fear is surging through us
Every vein in our bodies is screaming for rest
But our hearts are determined to give our best

I did not have to worry
For my team mates scored twice in a jiffy
I started to compose myself for a big fight
For holding them down will next be my part

There I am, back in my bubble
The space that I need to avoid my fears
It is a sanctuary to me, a relief I can feel
When I turn around to see my team mates smiling still

My heart raced again as I take my position
It is a job so big that I’m afraid I might fail
What if we lost because I can’t pitch well?
Will they forgive me, when I fail them now?

Don’t be afraid, just do your part!
Give your best shot and trust your friends to keep it up!
It just is the voice that I need
For my coach always build up confidence within me

At once I wake up from my silly nightmare
Who am I, to the best team we have?
I was their pitcher, determined and proud
Having played my best for years and never let them down
From her words I knew I never walked alone
And I was ever so ashamed for thinking so

We have Cecilia, lanky and fast
The best first baseman we could ever want
We have Eveline, light and swift
The greatest second baseman we ever found
Then we have Angela, unafraid and steady
The captain of the team and the third baseman mighty

To complete the first line we have Xueying
The fastest short-stop I have ever seen
To complement my pitch there is Sixian
Agile and alert to command the play
To cap it all we have outfielders confident and strong
Kassie, Yixuan and Jade to complete us all

We are the perfect team raised solely by our coach
And we knew nothing the moment we touched the ball
She trained us through the shine and rain

While we give every bit of strength and determination that run through our veins
The running, the throwing and the batting
And how can we ever forget those endurance trainings?

It is what that bonds us all
To become a team so bright and strong
We are now like sisters together as one
Shedding the same tears and sharing the same laugh

It was us who gave Coach pride
Being the zone champions the first time we faced our fight
Battles and battles we have won
And now it is the same that we have been through before

My vision zoomed into the player before me
Who is she, to wrench victory away from me?
I eyed her like a frog on fly
Ready to show her what going against me is like

Two have gone down and she will be the last one to go
I cannot wait to show her the prowess I behold
I can leap and pitch and fight
Take that, my worthy foe

With a swing she hit it out
I watch as the ball fly out far
With a leap and a whoop my team mate called
She had caught the ball in the air, undefeated and becoming our hero

The game is over and the cup is ours
For the champion of the zone is nothing but us
The Hurricanes is whom you shall remember
For we are the only team who can bring you laughter together with tears

Remember, The Hurricanes (Draft 2)

I bring the rain, the wind and the tears
Together I scatter the grass with my peers
The thunder roaring is Our doing
The fear We bring you is our duty

We cloud the blue with Our grey
Our Eye glaring at you with much grace
Oh, don’t be afraid if you take Us on
For once you’ve started, you can never slip out of it

Do you like Our threat?
Oh, be a good sport and don’t be like that
We are different from the other hurricanes you see
We come as One, if you haven’t noticed

Cecilia, Eveline, Angela and Xueying
Are the four, most easily noticed
Kassie, Yixuan and Jade
Are the three out there, the strongest you’ve ever seen

And my partner Sixian at the front of the storm
Being our sense of sight and the complement of my force
I stand at the position of the Eye
Ever ready and preparing to start the fight

So you’ve taken us through to the final stage
The last one to survive your pathetic rage
Oh, where are your friends, my dear rebel
Why are you standing there alone holding the stick raised by the handle

Are you afraid of the swiftness I provide
Or the thunder of my three friends out there combined
Either that or my friends nearest to me
For they are more agile than you can ever imagine

Are you eyeing those bases that form the Diamond
Oh, don’t ever dream about it, ‘cos they’re not yours to be taken
My friends have them tightly protected
Why not give up just this instant

Why, you really took a swing
Hoping to send the little ball flying back at me
I could not see if you had the talent
But well you failed and that’s all that mattered

See, you are the last to be sent off the field
Cry, let your heart sorrow engulf you
The storm is over and we have won
Return to your place and pick up the miserly remains

We are the Hurricanes
Remember that
Don’t challenge us
Unless you are prepared to despair

To Hurricanes: in case you are wondering about something, I wanted to make this a complete team you see, or it wouldn’t be a full game anymore. 😦 hope you guys understand!
To all: It’s one of my first few poems. Please be lenient! I would like truthful and constructive comments, of course. 🙂

Poem: The Fellowship

Disclaimer: This poem is written during class, purely to express my love for one of my all-time favorite movies: Lord of the Rings. JRR Tolkien remains a great author whom I respect very much and no copyright infringement is intended. Thank you.

There was once a sorcerer
Who created rings for Middle Earth
These rings could gain them power
And let ’em rule till the end of the world

But none of these bearers knew
That the Lord created another
One ring from the fire of Mordor
The one that could rule them all

And the journey of the ring begins
from Sauron to Isildur
from Isildur to Gollum
And finally lying in the hands of… …
Oh who knew!
But dear old Bilbo!

The ring was answering its master’s call
And now it’s time to end it all
But who shall do this honour
Of bringing it to the heart of Mordor?

Alas it was Frodo
The very humble nephew of Bilbo
With this his journey began
Together with eight others to follow

An elf and a dwarf
For a bow and an axe
A king and a knight
With mighty swords they would fight
Three hobbits then came along
With loyalty may they bring delight
For encouragement is what he really needs
For Frodo to end his journey quick

Of course, we shall not forget the wizard
Gandalf the Grey he was called
His staff would do wonders
And lead the Fellowship to war

But alas when the journey begun
the Fellowship was chased by Orcs
Gandalf disappeared in the mines
under the wrath of huge Balrog

Frodo decides to leave
alone with his friend to Mordor
It seems like the Fellowship would cease to exist
But the rest of them fought on

I know this is clumsily written, AND Aragon (my favorite character incidentally) isn’t a king, but technically he became one in the third movie. Haha. But please be lenient! It’s my first time writing a poem! Cheers! 😀