The White Castle

The White Castle

Tiara blinking under the light

Showing off the pretty sight

Princess waiting in the corridor

Thinking of her charming prince

Out of the chamber came a knight

Dressed from head to toe in purest white

With the shining armor on and sword held tight

He raised his helmet, smiling bright

He is ready

The knight proclaimed

Out rode her prince on four legs

And an invisible crown on his head

She took the horse by the reins

Leading her prince over luscious greens

Pale he was, weak he felt

But managed his princess a charming smile

Outside the castle, a hundred guests

From the King to knights and friends of friends

And a priest of course stood up front

Dressed in robes of shining white

They took their vows and exchanged rings

Then a few words and the sweetest kiss

A round of applause shook the air

As the princess led her prince away

The sky painted in streaks of orange

As the princess stopped to kiss his face

Long and gentle was the kiss

But her face fell as she felt no heat

The sun dipped beneath the horizon

His pale lips whispered gently

I love you my dearest princess

And his beautiful eyes rested finally

(207 words)


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