The Menacing Sea and Dark Curtains

A prose turned poem, written solely by Auby

The Menacing Sea (Prose)

Those days seemed to far away. It was like the storm had just passed but had barely blown itself out. The seas were still choppy, the dark skies cloudy. The little girl clung onto the little piece of wood, tired out from screaming for help. She knew not what lies beneath her. She was scared, worried, uncertain what might happen to her. Occasionally, something huge would knock into her and she would scream with fright. But no one came. She was floating there all alone. She knew she could swim, but she had no where to go. All she could do right now, was to cling on to a wee bit of hope.

Auby, 17 October 2008

The Menacing Sea (Poem)

Those days seemed too far away
Like the storm had just passed
The seas were choppy
The dark skies cloudy

She clung onto the little piece of wood
Tired,  from screaming for help
What lies beneath her, she did not know
Scared, worried and uncertain

Something huge knocked into her
Pain, fear, tears overwhelmed her
She screamed
Still, no one came

There she was
Floating on the piece of wood
All alone
With no one to help her

She could swim
But where would she go?
Resigned, there was nothing to do but wait
And to cling onto a wee bit of hope

Auby, 17 October 2010

This was written when I was all worried and sad. Somehow, my sad poems are my most abstract poems. Ain’t I a sad person?

Dark Curtains (edited)


At the window, she sat
Devastated and scared, she feels
The rain, patter on the panes
Her hands, play with the dark curtains

The bar, collapsed on her
Unbearable, the pain and suffocation she feels
Replaced, a new bar that was different
Dark curtains, it hung up, blinding her

Nothing, she could see outside
At ease, they made her feel
Warmth, they could give her
Suffocation, however, the dark curtains were clinging hard onto her

A hand reached up, pulled them away
Oh, whose was it, for it wasn’t hers
The dark curtains cringed from her, momentarily defeated
Bright lights seared into the room

Close your eyes, listen, she was told
She did, but grabbed the dark curtains for comfort
They soothed her angrily
They quivered, longing to get back to her

She heard sounds of laughter, children
She imagined flowers, fragrant
But the dark curtains struggled to shield her

His hand took hers
Lead her away from those dark curtains
Come with me, he told her
In it, she found something better to protect her

Her hands stretched, tugged at those dark curtains
They fell into a heap, utterly defeated
She smiled at her triumph, lights celebrating with her
She doesn’t need them anymore, thoughts singing with pride

Bravery and
In the world of reality
Given, was love to her
He was the one she truly needed
To let her believe in her happily ever after

(243 words)


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