Remember, the Hurricanes

These are two poems written for my assignment 2 of my Creative Writing Course. But they do not come just for that academic purpose. For years since I left my passion, I’ve been missing the feeling of competition of fighting alongside my dearest team: Hurricanes. For that, I sincerely present and dedicate these two poems to them, each of their names put in with my most sincere affection and pride. 🙂 Cheers, and enjoy (Don’t forget to leave comments, of course!) 🙂

Remember, The Hurricanes (Draft 1)

I am in the middle of a crowd
Holding a ball and listening to various sounds
A trickle of sweat slid down my face
As I clutch the ball tight, showing aggression within grace

The sun is shining down on us
A peaceful afternoon it is to bring triumph for us
We could be in school studying for a test
Or even walking along Orchard Road free of worries and stress

But no, there we are in the middle of greenery
A diamond drawn out in white and we scattered neatly over it
Wiping sweat and praying we are
For we are drawn with our fierce opponents
The last chance to score and the inning is over

But miracle did not come
And we trudge off the field, disappointed as one
There is no clear winner in this round
And the tie-breaker is just about to start

I want the game to end desperately
But I can’t see that triumph within me
All I can think of is how stressful I will be
And that does not help the already nervous me

I close my eyes as my team got ready to bat
Aggressive we sound, but fear is surging through us
Every vein in our bodies is screaming for rest
But our hearts are determined to give our best

I did not have to worry
For my team mates scored twice in a jiffy
I started to compose myself for a big fight
For holding them down will next be my part

There I am, back in my bubble
The space that I need to avoid my fears
It is a sanctuary to me, a relief I can feel
When I turn around to see my team mates smiling still

My heart raced again as I take my position
It is a job so big that I’m afraid I might fail
What if we lost because I can’t pitch well?
Will they forgive me, when I fail them now?

Don’t be afraid, just do your part!
Give your best shot and trust your friends to keep it up!
It just is the voice that I need
For my coach always build up confidence within me

At once I wake up from my silly nightmare
Who am I, to the best team we have?
I was their pitcher, determined and proud
Having played my best for years and never let them down
From her words I knew I never walked alone
And I was ever so ashamed for thinking so

We have Cecilia, lanky and fast
The best first baseman we could ever want
We have Eveline, light and swift
The greatest second baseman we ever found
Then we have Angela, unafraid and steady
The captain of the team and the third baseman mighty

To complete the first line we have Xueying
The fastest short-stop I have ever seen
To complement my pitch there is Sixian
Agile and alert to command the play
To cap it all we have outfielders confident and strong
Kassie, Yixuan and Jade to complete us all

We are the perfect team raised solely by our coach
And we knew nothing the moment we touched the ball
She trained us through the shine and rain

While we give every bit of strength and determination that run through our veins
The running, the throwing and the batting
And how can we ever forget those endurance trainings?

It is what that bonds us all
To become a team so bright and strong
We are now like sisters together as one
Shedding the same tears and sharing the same laugh

It was us who gave Coach pride
Being the zone champions the first time we faced our fight
Battles and battles we have won
And now it is the same that we have been through before

My vision zoomed into the player before me
Who is she, to wrench victory away from me?
I eyed her like a frog on fly
Ready to show her what going against me is like

Two have gone down and she will be the last one to go
I cannot wait to show her the prowess I behold
I can leap and pitch and fight
Take that, my worthy foe

With a swing she hit it out
I watch as the ball fly out far
With a leap and a whoop my team mate called
She had caught the ball in the air, undefeated and becoming our hero

The game is over and the cup is ours
For the champion of the zone is nothing but us
The Hurricanes is whom you shall remember
For we are the only team who can bring you laughter together with tears

Remember, The Hurricanes (Draft 2)

I bring the rain, the wind and the tears
Together I scatter the grass with my peers
The thunder roaring is Our doing
The fear We bring you is our duty

We cloud the blue with Our grey
Our Eye glaring at you with much grace
Oh, don’t be afraid if you take Us on
For once you’ve started, you can never slip out of it

Do you like Our threat?
Oh, be a good sport and don’t be like that
We are different from the other hurricanes you see
We come as One, if you haven’t noticed

Cecilia, Eveline, Angela and Xueying
Are the four, most easily noticed
Kassie, Yixuan and Jade
Are the three out there, the strongest you’ve ever seen

And my partner Sixian at the front of the storm
Being our sense of sight and the complement of my force
I stand at the position of the Eye
Ever ready and preparing to start the fight

So you’ve taken us through to the final stage
The last one to survive your pathetic rage
Oh, where are your friends, my dear rebel
Why are you standing there alone holding the stick raised by the handle

Are you afraid of the swiftness I provide
Or the thunder of my three friends out there combined
Either that or my friends nearest to me
For they are more agile than you can ever imagine

Are you eyeing those bases that form the Diamond
Oh, don’t ever dream about it, ‘cos they’re not yours to be taken
My friends have them tightly protected
Why not give up just this instant

Why, you really took a swing
Hoping to send the little ball flying back at me
I could not see if you had the talent
But well you failed and that’s all that mattered

See, you are the last to be sent off the field
Cry, let your heart sorrow engulf you
The storm is over and we have won
Return to your place and pick up the miserly remains

We are the Hurricanes
Remember that
Don’t challenge us
Unless you are prepared to despair

To Hurricanes: in case you are wondering about something, I wanted to make this a complete team you see, or it wouldn’t be a full game anymore. 😦 hope you guys understand!
To all: It’s one of my first few poems. Please be lenient! I would like truthful and constructive comments, of course. 🙂


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