Hi! It’s already April in 2012, I know! But here are a few new stories which I have posted. Sorry that it hasn’t been frequent!

My first post of 2012 was an untitled story. I titled it a Random Story, inspired by how I felt after my Blackberry failed me, and I had to use my old phone instead – and discovered that it had subconsciously become a time capsule of my past relationship. XD

My second post was Secrets of a (Typical) Insecure Woman, inspired by a discussion in class whereby women are objectified and victimized by the media and social stereotypes. It’s kind of like a new writing style. I’ve never written anything like this before, so it isn’t my best. But I’ll try to write more things like that! It’s fun. :p

And the third post is a story written in Chinese (lazy to change typing system to Chinese, so click here for the story. :p). After so many years (5 years, actually) of not writing in Mandarin Chinese, this has become a real, big challenge. It’s my usual love and relationship stuff, between a boy and a girl who grew up together. If y’all are interested, but lazy to read in Chinese, drop me a note that you would like it properly translated! 🙂 I can write one up in English after my exams, which ends on 25 April! Wish me lucks!

Lastly, the last post of 2011, and the one with the highest views by far is White and Gold! Do check it out! :p

It’s late! 2.30am in Singapore. Nights world!

Love, Auby