A story in two sentences #9

The jeers from the opponents were unbearably disrespectful. Calmly, she took aim and pitched, hitting their batter right on the ankle bone and smiled as the batter cringed in pain and the opponents fell into shocked silence.

Haha. Alright. This is more of a confession than a story. I did this when I was 14 years old, and till this day I still remember which was the team who was being ‘unbearably disrespectful’ and the names and things they called me while I was standing on the pitcher’s plate, stressed out and anxious. I’m not saying I had tons of sportsmanship for doing that; I realized I was no better than them the moment I did it (there was a huge sense of satisfaction, nonetheless, because they dared not jeer me for the rest of the game anymore), so I never did that again . Not that I met any other teams like them though.

Moral of the story: be nice, play nice. have sportsmanship.