Mute in Class

Excuses for Lack of Class Participation

1. I need to go to the toilet. It’s so urgent I can barely think.

2. I am so cold. My brain is frozen and all I can think of is how much fats I burn while shivering.

3. I don’t like this piece and I am being kind and nice by not speaking about it out loud. I am saving the author some face.

4. I pass notes to the authors when I think certain things can be improved (I actually do. Only if I like the person.)

Real Reasons for Lack of Class Participation

1. I don’t like speaking up in class. That is just me. There is a reason why I am a writer and not a public speaker.

2. I am a Year 4. Gimme a break.

Mute in Class © 2013 by Auby Sparksfield. All rights reserved.

Hi readers! It has been so long since I wrote something. Sorry for the hiatus. I must admit, I had sort of better things to do and stories are best told in person to some people. 🙂 But here is a piece! It may look less than a story to you, but currently I am doing a creative writing non fiction class, and last week we had an exercise on lists. And then the professor was going on about some people keep too quiet in class, which inspired that list above. Every one of it did cross my mind. Shows you my inner bitch. HAHAH. so it is really non-fiction. XD Hope you enjoyed it.

And since it is a non-fiction class, there are some stories which I write in class which are really, really raw and I don’t feel like posting them. I am sorry for not sharing. I am just a coward this way. But what I do post here, I hope it brings you laughter and that you can relate to it and be like YEAH YEAH YEAH! EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. I hope to be your voice in that manner. 🙂

Thanks peeps. Weekend is drawing near. Treasure your week!

With love and lots of daisies,

Auby Sparksfield