21 Times Lee Hsien Loong Totally Nailed The Whole Social Media Thing

Our dearest PM 🙂


It’s always a risk posting anything remotely positive about the Singapore government – the anti-gov sentiments are so darn strong online! But I can’t help but marvel at prime minister Lee Hsien Loong’s social media efforts. From food pics to humblebraggin’ posts, LHL’s various social media accounts have got all of them covered. Seriously. Props to his publicity team LOL.

Believe it or not, here’re 21 times Lee Hsien Loong totally nailed the whole social media thing:

1. That time an owl flew into his office and he tweeted AND instagrammed it like a regular person would.

LHL Owl Instagram

I can almost imagine him going “omg omg omg it’s an owl. GUYS, IT’S AN OWL!!!!” Much like a regular person would!

2. That time he humble bragged about sitting next to Aung San Suu Kyi

LHL Aung San Suu Kyi FB

What he said: “At the Singapore Summit this evening, I shared my optimism about prospects for Asia……

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