Poem: The Fellowship

Disclaimer: This poem is written during class, purely to express my love for one of my all-time favorite movies: Lord of the Rings. JRR Tolkien remains a great author whom I respect very much and no copyright infringement is intended. Thank you.

There was once a sorcerer
Who created rings for Middle Earth
These rings could gain them power
And let ’em rule till the end of the world

But none of these bearers knew
That the Lord created another
One ring from the fire of Mordor
The one that could rule them all

And the journey of the ring begins
from Sauron to Isildur
from Isildur to Gollum
And finally lying in the hands of… …
Oh who knew!
But dear old Bilbo!

The ring was answering its master’s call
And now it’s time to end it all
But who shall do this honour
Of bringing it to the heart of Mordor?

Alas it was Frodo
The very humble nephew of Bilbo
With this his journey began
Together with eight others to follow

An elf and a dwarf
For a bow and an axe
A king and a knight
With mighty swords they would fight
Three hobbits then came along
With loyalty may they bring delight
For encouragement is what he really needs
For Frodo to end his journey quick

Of course, we shall not forget the wizard
Gandalf the Grey he was called
His staff would do wonders
And lead the Fellowship to war

But alas when the journey begun
the Fellowship was chased by Orcs
Gandalf disappeared in the mines
under the wrath of huge Balrog

Frodo decides to leave
alone with his friend to Mordor
It seems like the Fellowship would cease to exist
But the rest of them fought on

I know this is clumsily written, AND Aragon (my favorite character incidentally) isn’t a king, but technically he became one in the third movie. Haha. But please be lenient! It’s my first time writing a poem! Cheers! 😀


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