Halloween Night

Halloween Night

Trick or treat!

Time to party!

Are you coming, she asked curiously

No, her BFF replied shortly


Walking alone in the dark

The devil swung her purse high up

Out fell keys and a few pennies

But, oh, where were her cards?


She headed back to the dorm

Click, the door came unlocked

Lights were off with deep snoring sound

Oh, her roommate’s dreaming out loud


So she crossed the room in the dark

To the table and took her cards

Then silently she tiptoed out


Partied late and a little drunk

Her friends drove her back around one

Alas, lights galore, outside the dorm

But of red and blue, what’s going on?


Your friend was murdered she was told

The couch was bloodied her friend was cold

But, oh, who did it, they did not know

Just gave her a number and left her alone


An hour of crying

An hour’s bath

Quietly she mourned an epitaph


Then she felt the murderer talking to her

Whispering sweetly into her ears

Shaking it off she went to get dressed

Opening the closet, a bloodied mirror talked back


Don’t you feel lucky you first left home

Yet you turned back brave and alone

And of course, you could’ve made the room shine so bright

But aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?


(223 words)


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