4000 reads!

Dear readers,

My stories blog has reached 4000 reads! 4,063 reads to be exact. It is such a happy thing to announce in the month of Thanksgiving too!

Thank you all so much for reading and staying by my blog. Thank you all so much for the feedback and comments! Thanks for all the encouragement, especially, which has helped motivated me to stay writing and posting. Most importantly, thanks for showing me the great universe out there, where writers gather and help each other with their stories, collaborating with one another for more tasteful stories.

My latest milestone is to have written a mini novella, The Final Evolution, and it is one of the stories that propelled the readership. Thank you for staying by Clare with her journey thus far and there is more to come every week. Thank you my friends who have encouraged and motivated me with this story: Gerald, Alyssa, Zool and Cecilia. Thank you Isaac who took time off his busy schedule to edit it. Thank you all so much. 😀

I hope you have enjoyed my stories and I do wish that y’all will continue enjoying them. And if the stories brighten up your day or night, do share them with your friends. 


Ms. Auby Sparksfield


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