The Final Evolution – Chapter 1

Holla y’all!

Yay! Chapter 1 of my very first mini novella is finally released! Hope y’all will enjoy them!

I would like to thank a few people here! Firstly, thanks Isaac for agreeing to take time off the busy schedule to help me edit my story! This post wouldn’t even be up by now without you!

And thanks to my friends, Alyssa and Zool for encouraging me!

And last but not least, Gerald! Thanks for being so excited and supportive! Your encouragements spurred me on a lot! Thanks love 🙂

Alright, so here you go! Chapter 1.

Subsequent chapters will be released every Friday. Stay tuned if you like it! Also, feedback and comments are appreciated because I am thinking of working on a sequel!


Ms. Auby Sparksfield


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