The Final Evolution (Preview 2)

snapshotpreview 2


“Do you think we’ve walked long enough to be out of school?” I whispered.

“Yes, I think so.”

Before long we could see the sky, dotted with little stars twinkling. I was never happier to leave that place and I began to take the route at a run, water splashing at my feet. The other two followed and I could feel the mood lightening. Even our panting didn’t feel as constricted. Soon, the wall of the canal was low enough for us to climb out and we did. It was still night and there was no retching sound nor glowing skeletons in sight. The air was foul with the excrement that stained our clothes.

Where we had come out, the area was quite well-lit. We could hear the sound of cars zooming in the distance. There were outlines of roller coasters not far away from us. We were near the theme park.

“We need to go somewhere,” Matt said, looking around.

“Yeah. Like maybe go for a thrill ride or something,” I suggested, nodding towards the distance.

There was silence and then we burst out laughing, clearly very much relieved at our escape. We started walking towards the theme park. When we finally reached, however, the absence of a security guard at the gate worried me.

“Shouldn’t there be someone here?” I asked, frowning at the security post.

“We’ll just wash up. Make it quick, come on,” Matt said, pushing me towards the gantry. Reluctantly, I climbed over it and landed in the theme park. We headed straight for the bathroom sign across a facade of a Hollywood street, not daring to look into the windows of the shops which sold clowns and other dolls. Finally we reached the washroom. The boys darted in to theirs and I dawdled outside, thinking. Not wanting to be left all alone, I made to follow after them.

Then, I heard a faint retch. I spun around.

“Who’s there?” I asked as loudly as I dared.

Goosebumps were erupting all over my arms again. There was no reply. I scanned the place quickly for any sign of chaos which had happened here before, but all seemed quiet and the display at the shops still stood in an orderly manner. An action figure posed in the window of one shop and the window next to it had ornaments glinting under the moonlight. My eyes then landed on the shop selling goth dolls. All of them wore little black dresses, had huge round eyes and little black lips. I couldn’t look at them anymore and skipped the shop. Then I saw something and did a little double take.

Next to the goth dolls in the window, there was a rocking chair. The chair was rocking slightly and then it slowed to a stop.

We were not alone.

The Final Evolution © 2013 by Ms. Auby Sparksfield. All rights reserved.


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