If Humans Could Photosynthesize

If Humans Could Photosynthesize

  1. We would be green. With chlorophyll, not envy.
  2. We would be at war with plants for resources: air.
  3. Khaki green would be the new fashion statement. Snooki would look khaki green.
  4. The Hulk would be underrated.
  5. People wouldn’t Instagram food all the time.
  6. Hats or caps will make our faces turn yellow.
  7. We would be skinny, for there would be no late night suppers to fatten us up.
  8. People would be playing outside, not inside.
  9. Women wouldn’t have to cook for men.
  10. Soldiers would be naked.

If Humans Could Photosynthesize © 2013 by Auby Sparksfield. All rights reserved.



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