Hi peeps. This is my first ever screenplay. 🙂 It’s inspired from a two sentence story which I wrote before. Amateur screenwriting, but I’m still trying! Hope you enjoy it! XD

Tiara, written by Ms. Auby Sparksfield

Int. A Bedroom – day

TIARA is dancing in her bedroom in front of a full length mirror. She wears a pink tutu and pink ballet slippers. Her hair is tied up in a bun. We see a PINK TEDDY BEAR on a pink bed through the reflection in the mirror. She poses. Soft music is playing in the background. She smiles sweetly at the graceful pose.


Hey look, Teddie, don’t I look pretty? Do you think I will be chosen for the recital?

Teddie just stares blankly at us.


Thank you, Teddie. I’ll do my best!

Tiara attempts to do a pirouette. There was a loud crack and she falls on the floor. Tiara carefully examines her right ankle.


Look Teddie. My ankle’s swollen. Let’s get it fixed.

Tiara hobbles to the bed. She grabs Teddie and hobbles out of the room.

Int.  Playroom – day

Tiara sits on a chair by the window next to a fish tank with a FIERCE-LOOKING FISH. We close up on her face as she starts humming to the tune of the music she was dancing to earlier.


Do you think fishy is hungry, Teddie?

Teddie just stares blankly at us.


Look Teddie, he is staring at me from the tank. I think he is hungry. Let’s feed it.

Close up on the fish in the tank. A foot is dropped into the fish tank next to it. The fish attacks it. Blurred in the background, Tiara is still humming. She hops out of the playroom on her left foot. She is holding a saw in one hand and Teddie in the other.


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