Left or Right?

This is a poem I wrote, adapted from a Tekong ghost story SQ told me. Enjoy. (:

Left or Right?

A timid boy

His name Timmy

Came to the age

He had to go army

So many stories

He’d heard of

None he liked

Most scared of


One night in camp

He had to go

To the loo

But not alone

His friend decided

To scare him

By dangling his hand

From the next unit

Timmy saw the hands

Dangling on the wall

He closed his eyes

Hoped he was seeing wrong


He came out

Shaking a little

His friend sniggered

Exposing the caper

Timmy’s face remained

Scared out of his wits

Chill down his spine

His voice shaking

Which pair of hands were yours, he asked


The one on the left

Or the one on the right?


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